Featured Stylist: Marina Interlandi

Beautiful Coral Granite

Quarantine may be the perfect time for a makeover

Whether you like quarantine fashion or not, life works differently in this age and likely calls for a different set of clothes. Fall has always been my favorite season, with back-to-school shopping and buzzing change.

Marina Interlandi (@interlandistyle) is a stylist out of Los Angeles, California. She says: Hi everyone! My name is Marina Interlandi I am an owner of 1st Class Tailors  located at 11701 Wilshire Blvd La Ca  90025. I have been in business for 28 years. In addition to doing alterations, I have a deep rooted passion for closet makeovers, personal styling and shopping.  Nothing brings me more joy and satisfaction to transform someone to a better version of themselves. 

We love connecting with people that have a passion for what they do. Whether you decide to reach out to a professional to help you with your wardrobe, or simply take creative control yourself, we’d love to hear about your favorite trends.

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