A Different Side of Rocco808

House of Miya features Genta, longtime friend of Elise, behind the lens

Johnny Was /// North Hollywood, California

Genta Hammani is a musician, zookeeper, and entertainer who lives in Los Angeles, California. He is known under pseudonym: Rocco808. Genta is a born performer with a background in high school cheerleading (we used to go to open gym together)!

Genta’s music is always poppin’ and his music videos are next level. Not to mention, he has reliably shown me a good time when in LA. Whether I was crashing the studio, going out in Hollywood, or just seeing the sights, I’ve watched Genta’s progress over the years and am so proud of him and what he’s doing!

Rocco808’s Instagram showcases his style and eye for fashion. Some people may not know that his brother is a photographer here in Hawaii. He mentioned this when we decided to have a photo shoot day a few years ago while I was visiting the city. Both of these photos, though very different, were taken on the same day in East Los Angeles. We used a Canon DSLR that now only lives in my memory ❤

Ganbatte, Genta!!

Brandy Melville /// Griffith Park, California

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