Access Considerations for 2021 Homebuyers

Be sure not to overlook these…

Access to clean water.

Increasingly, we will begin to see that a home’s access to clean water will become very valuable. Recently, water became a traded commodity, like precious metals. A clean water crisis may overtake our country. There are regions where clean water is the norm, but increased pollution has caused many water sources to be poisoned. It’s easy to feel the water quality in a place by taking a shower there. When I lived in Arizona, the water quality was poor and there was “hard” water. This had a noticeable negative affect on my hair and skin. Additionally, for those purchasing land, the location of a well usually makes a plot much more valuable.

Access to cellular service.

There are still pockets, usually near nature preserves, where cellular service is spotty or doesn’t exist. Whether you want to stay in an area that has service everywhere (which is understandable) or you want to go off-grid, you should test your phone out when visiting a property. Off-grid living is becoming increasingly popular, particularly for those who want to unplug and enjoy their privacy. There are definitely levels of going “off-grid” but that’s mine lol. I love the YouTube channel Off Grid Hawaii.

Access to health care.

Depending on how reliant you are on health and wellness services, this may vary in importance. However, if you’re looking to retire in a new state, be sure that you speak to people about this before you arrive as it is likely you will age into this system. It would also be great for you to have a plan in place to respond to any future need for assisted living.

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