A Morning on Waikiki Beach

I really enjoy the Veranda at the Moana Surfrider, an iconic place known as the “First Lady of Waikiki.”

The Moana is a historic Victorian-style hotel that opened its doors in 1901. Located in the midst of Waikiki Beach, this unbeatable beachfront location is within walking distance of Honolulu’s most beloved shopping, dining and entertainment attractions. Currently operated by Marriott under the Westin brand, this is a nice place to go for breakfast or sunset.

The Veranda offers a kamaaina discount and is a nice setting to enjoy the south shore while having coffee or breakfast. There is also a more casual coffee shop located in the hotel for those looking for a more laid-back setting. During COVID, there are many people working from their dining areas.

Breakfast at Veranda
American Breakfast

After breakfast, I decided to walk on the beach a little as it was a beautiful day! The hotel has prime beach access, which is another bonus of visiting!

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