Arise Women’s Conference, Day 1 Reflection

God had a message for me tonight… to stop running. I’ve often run from pain, people, and places. This year, I feel called to do things differently.

2 years ago, I was attending Anchor Church when they mentioned a women’s conference that caught my attention. Although I didn’t make it that year, I’m glad that I was able to this year. And especially today, I was really ready for this word.

It’s surreal how God has sifted through so many parts of my life – and of me – in such a short amount of time. Looking back, I’m almost unrecognizable. In 2019, I was enslaved to partying, toxic friendships, and self-harm. I saw absolutely no way out. Although my life isn’t perfect now, and I definitely still falter from time to time, even I am awed by the glory and power of God. He demonstrated to me that He really is the only One who can handle everything and who can save and deliver anyone from any situation! And not just that He can, but that He will

For those of you who don’t know my story, I grew up attending Christian schools but never wholeheartedly gave myself to Jesus until I was 25 years old and baptized with the Holy Spirit. I started answering Jesus’ call when I was 22 years old at Arizona State University and was baptized with water in 2019 during my time in law school. I have since been on a healing journey as one who was recently born-again.

Jedidiah Thurner, who also delivered a powerful message at tonight’s conference, spoke about healing a splinter. You can’t just slap a bandaid on it – you need to pull it out first! This hit home for me. Especially as someone who is used to running from – or drowning – my pain, I recognize the need to remove what’s toxic, what’s stuck, what’s hurting in order to truly heal. Coming out of Day 1 of the Arise Conference, I feel like I’m ready for another breakthrough!

The devil works hard, but Lisa Kai prays harder 💐 Thank you to the amazing Inspire Waikele team for hosting this empowering event for women of all ages.

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