Do You, Boo: Takeover with Raquelle Pendleton, Esquire

Because who says you can’t be a lawyer & a model?

I wanted to feature someone who has helped me a lot behind the scenes with Miya! From helping me shoot a lookbook, to strategizing, Raquelle has been a huge support from the beginning. 

Raquelle is going to be sharing a day in her life with all of you. I’m so proud of her as she recently started her job as a Legislative Research Attorney working at the Hawaii State Legislature. She loves empowering others to pursue all their passions with zest! Take it away, Raq…

Life as a Young Professional in Honolulu

In the famous words of Elle Woods, “What, like it’s hard?” Throughout law school, Elle Woods was my alter ego and inspiration. She broke down barriers and challenged stereotypes about what it meant to be a female lawyer. Hence, following Elle Woods’ lead, my mantra is: Who says you can’t be both a lawyer and a model? Do you boo. 

While my profession is lawyer, I believe we are more than just our job title. We are multi-faceted human beings that cannot and should not be defined by the boxes other people try to fit us in. We need to do what we love and a lot of it: whether that’s killing it in our professional career, making time for relationships, pouring our heart into passion projects, taking up new hobbies, etc.  

Note to self: Just live your life and do you boo always. XOXO

Here’s a sneak peek of what a day in the life of a lawyer-“influencer” 😉 looks like: 

6:45 am

Wake up! I naturally wake up before my alarm and lay in bed looking at inspirational quotes, maybe post something on instagram or send a meme or two to some of my closest friends, and respond to texts

7 am

Listen to music as I get ready for the day and pick out my professional work attire

7:30 am

Eat breakfast and drink coffee and relax

8 am

Drive to work. The commute on the Pali Highway is honestly beautiful!

8:30 am

Get to the office and the grind starts. 

First thing I do when I get to my desk is check my email and calendar so I’m prepared for the day ahead.

As a legislative research attorney, I work with other lawyers, organizations, and political leaders to draft bills. Once bills are introduced, I work with my senator to see what bills he would like to hear and read testimony and committee reports for those bills. I also sit in on meetings with the Department of Health, Department of Land and Natural Resources, other organizations, and political leaders. In addition, I help constituents with issues and attend townhalls and neighborhood board meetings. 

12 pm

Lunch break! Sometimes I walk around downtown with my coworkers to try out various eateries and then we eat lunch together back at the office.

In the afternoon, I finish up whatever tasks need to be done so I’m prepared and ready for the next work day. 


Yay! Done with work and time to go home.

5:30 pm

Gym time. Usually I work out for 30 to 60 minutes. Getting active helps me destress and relax.

7 pm

Eat dinner. I’ll put on a Netflix show and unwind and eat my dinner while sitting on the couch.


Study.  I’m studying for the California bar so gotta grind and put in some work 😉


Go to bed. Night all ❤

Thank you so much, Raquelle, for being such an amazing friend, supporter, and collaborator! I’m so proud of the work that you’re doing for our local community and can’t wait to see what God has planned for your life…

To learn more about her, follow Raquelle on Instagram!

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