A Nob Hill Night

Reminiscing of a nice night in Portland…

I’ve been told that I dress like a granny (or nun) at times. I love this look, though! It’s so cute. The boutiques along the main drag in Nob Hill are really nice with a lot of boutique home & clothing stores, as well as eateries. Some of the stores were closed when I walked around at night, some were just lit up, and some were open.

The real reason I went to Nob Hill, though, was to try Salt & Straw. I’ve seen so many people post their ice cream cones so I wanted to try it. I absolutely loved their vegan coconut flavor 🙂

Staying in the Alphabet District, this is was a fine evening walk – after which I caught a car. The area does change a little at night so it just depends how comfortable you feel. It was actually getting a little bit cold, too.

A tip that I have for solo female travelers is to stay cognizant of your surroundings and err on the side of caution. Traveling alone can be scary (and some would say dangerous), but there are definitely ways that you can be proactive about your safety. One tip I have is to arrive at a destination before sundown so that you have time to respond to any unexpected hiccups in your travel arrangements.

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