Lucile’s Creole Cafe – Boulder, Colorado

This New Orleans-style breakfast was enjoyed on the porch!

Homemade Biscuit

During our time in Boulder, we dined at Lucile’s Creole Cafe just outside of the Downtown area. There’s dining on the street, which is really nice in the morning, as well as on the porch of and inside of their Victorian house. Spending time on the patio was such a treat during a beautiful Colorado summer.

We started out with some fresh grapefruit juice, coffee, and beignets!


A New Orleans Tradition. Beignets are the state doughnut of Louisiana. Pronounced, “ben-yay”, New Orleans locals often call them “French Doughnuts”. Beignets were brought to Louisiana in the 1800’s by the French Acadians from Nova Scotia. The traditional New Orleans beignet is a square piece of dough, deep fried till puffy, served hot and covered in powder sugar. 

Eggs New Orleans

Eggs New Orleans

For breakfast, I got the Eggs New Orleans! This was my first time trying this dish and it was very unique & memorable. Eggs New Orleans is made with fried eggplant slices, creole sauce, poached eggs, and hollandaise. Served with a mixture of grits and potatoes, plus a biscuit!

We really had such a great time at Lucile’s & can’t wait to see their future growth! They currently have three locations in Colorado, plus a farm that supplies their produce, and are looking to expand nationwide.

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